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What are Commodities?

In the online trading world, you can trade commodities which are physical assets. These assets mainly include agricultural products and raw materials. When you look into the history of the world, you will see that for centuries, humans have always traded goods with each other. In fact, as far back as 6,000 years ago, you will find that in China, commodities were often traded. Over the years, this has had a huge impact on the commodities market and today, you can trade commodities in a sophisticated network of companies, traders, and investors that buy and sell commodities as an investment.

When you choose to trade commodities, you will have access to trade a wide range of options. To start, you can trade energies. This includes crude oil, for example, as well as natural gas. You can also trade metals and some of the commonly traded metals include gold, silver, and platinum. Agricultural products are also traded on the commodities market, and this includes sugar, coffee, pork, beef, cotton, and much more.

At BvisionFx, you can access a wide range of commodity CFDs. With CFD trading, you do not need to take ownership of the assets themselves. Instead, you are simply making a prediction of which direction the price of the asset will move. This is an excellent way to trade your preferred commodities and to gain access to a wide choice of lucrative trading opportunities.

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Getting into the world of trading can seem confusing at times, that is exactly why we created our ETF platform (AKA ‘Bundles’). Every Bundle contains a list of assets carefully chosen by our analysts which you can trade in a single trade position. All you have to do is choose the Bundle best suited for you.

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