At BvisionFx, offer a variety of global stocks for you to trade. Before you step into the trading arena, it’s important to understand what stocks are.

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What Are Stocks?

A stock, or equity, is an asset that represents the ownership in an organization or company, and this is proportional to the number of stock shares that you own. By owning the stock of a company, this enables you to enjoy the profits of the company. As such, the better the company’s business model and success, the more the stock is likely to appreciate in value and the more you are likely to profit.

Stocks are purchased and sold prevalently on stock markets, such as the New York Stock Exchange. These exchanges need to adjust to government guidelines that are intended to shield financial investors from deceitful practices.

There are many ways you can benefit from owning the stocks of a company. One of these is capital gains yet, some companies will also offer their stockholders a share of the profits which they pay out in cash. This is referred to as dividends and these payments are often made every quarter. If a company is performing well, this could increase the dividend payout. At BvisionFx, you can trade a wide range of stock CFDs so trade your preferred stocks now.

Need Some Guidance? Try Our ETF Platform

Getting into the world of trading can seem confusing at times, that is exactly why we created our ETF platform (AKA ‘Bundles’). Every Bundle contains a list of assets carefully chosen by our analysts which you can trade in a single trade position. All you have to do is choose the Bundle best suited for you.

Trading is Now Simpler Than Ever Before

Designed by traders for traders, the BvisionFx site has been developed to meet the trading needs of all traders, both new and advanced. Our mission is to provide an exceptional trading environment for all clients around the world, which will empower them to reach their full trading potential.

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