ETF Platform

ETF – Exchange Traded Funds (AKA ‘Bundles’) – are BvisionFx latest product. Bundles are a very lucrative investment strategy containing various diversified financial assets that are ‘bundled’ together. Bundle CFDs offer an excellent opportunity for investors due to the different assets which have been bundled together by our dedicated team of analysts.

Bundles may include any asset category, such as forex, stock, commodities, indices, and even cryptocurrencies. This gives traders the opportunity to use a single click to open a potentially profitable trading position.

Trading BvisionFx ETFs

ETFs are just as much a perfect option for new traders as they are for seasoned ones. With a variety of assets from different asset classes bundled together in one trade, each Bundle is risk balanced. ETFs give you the ability to trade a ready-to-go option that includes assets hand-picked by the market analysts team at BvisionFx.

  • High potential returns
  • Balanced positions
  • One-click trading
  • Built-in leverage
  • Transparent pricing

How ETF Trading Works

Bundle trading or ETF trading has many advantages, but the greatest is that our dedicated team of professional analysts hand-pick the assets in the different Bundles and this selection is based on which have the greatest potential for high returns. Instead of typically opening and maintaining several trades across various types of assets, BvisionFx Bundles are made up of assets pre-packaged into a single Bundle. Bundles minimize uncertainty, increase potential returns, and are easily tradable, even for new traders.

  • Buy a Bundle
    Select the Bundle you wish to trade. Each Bundle consists of a group of assets such as cryptos, forex, or commodities.
  • Real-Time Trading
    Watch your Bundle in action and view real-time market movements. You can always access and view your active trades.
  • Sell
    At any time, close your position and take profit from your Bundle to ensure maximum ROI. It’s as easy as this!